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  • International Winter School in Georgian/Kartvelian Studies - 2020

    ◽TSU Center for Kartvelian Studies through the financial support of Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University and the International Association for the Promotion of Georgian Studies is eager to announce the contest for the selection of the participants for the International Winter School in Georgian/Kartvelian Studies - 2020. ◽The main goal of the seasonal school project is the advancement of the knowledge of the youth interested in the field of Kartvelian study as well as to introduce and promote the recent scholarly researches and the adaptation of the audience with the circles of scholars. The main aim of the project is to develop written, verbal and other skills as well as to raise the interest towards Kartvelian disciplines. ◽The Winter School was founded in 2015. Since 2018 it has gained status as an international project as foreign lecturers and students were participating in it (Japan, The Czech Republic, Russia, France). The novelty distinguishing the project from the previous seasonal schools was the following: along with the youngsters, students and high school students living in Georgia, the project enabled the citizens of other countries, as well as Georgians living abroad, being fluent in Georgian and interested in Kartvelian Studies, to participate in the project. In case of winning, foreign students involved in the contest along the ones of Georgian origin had an opportunity to integrate themselves with Georgian students and scholarly circles that would promote an active involvement of Georgians living abroad into the intellectual activity of our country. ◽The first stage of the project involves a contest for papers in Georgian/Kartvelian studies. The aim of the contest is to select youngsters interested in the given field. The applicants should work on a specific relevant topic, create scientific reviews and submit their works electronically to the organizational committee. ◽The participant of the International Winter School - 2020 should be able to submit the informational-work or a survey essay (not exceeding 6 printing pages: script – Sylfaen; size -12; space between lines - 1). The topic of the essay should be on the following disciplines: