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    We are happy to announce the Summer School in Kartvelian Studies for non-Georgians to be held from 7 July to 7 August 2017.

    In a broad sense Kartvelian (Georgian) Studies (Kartvelology) embraces Georgian culture, history and all fields of the humanities: linguistics, literary criticism, art, archaeology, folklore, ethnography, source study. Georgia, Sakartvelo, successor to ancient Colchis and Iberia, lies at the boundary of Europe and Asia, east of the Black Sea, in the south-western part of the Caucasus. Today in addition, it continues to serve as a geographical, economic and cultural bridge between East and West.

    The Summer School in Kartvelian Studies - the only one of its kind in the world, with sixteen-year experience of continuous work - is organized by the Centre for Kartvelian Studies and sponsored by the Government of Georgia, Tbilisi State University and by the Fund for Kartvelian Studies.
    The School will offer intensive instruction in Modern Georgian - both along the line of spoken as well as grammatical norms of the language - with account of the level of the mastery of the language by the participants. They can also attend lectures on Georgian history, literature, language and art and become acquainted with Georgia’s cultural and historical past and her present achievements. Excursions out of town - to various regions of Georgia - are organized at weekends. The participants of the Summer School will receive a certificate in which the number of the hours of the courses of the Georgian language and Kartvelological lectures attended by them will be indicated. 
    The five-week course at the Summer School with reductions and privileges costs $2500 per student. This includes accommodation (in a student’s dormitory or at a private apartment), board, lectures and seminars, and cultural program (excursions to the countryside (the transport and accomodation costs will be defrayed by the Fund’s administration), visiting museums, exhibitions, etc.). The Fund for Kartvelian Studies ensures meeting the attendants of the Summer School at the airport and seeing them to their destination during the Summer School period, i.e. three days prior to the announced opening of studies and three days following completion of the school. School studies and the cultural programme will be valid in the period 8 July – 10 August. The attendants should arrange their visa and travel problems and pay the travel cost, and medical aid, if needed.
    This year the cost of instruction and board of only some foreign young students who intend to specialize in Kartvelological disciplines will be partially refunded by the Fund for Kartvelian Studies through grants. However, in all cases the attendants of the Summer School, including those planning to specialize in Kartvelology, are expected to contribute part of the costs (not less than $1000) of the above-mentioned course cost as a charity to the Fund of Kartvelian Studies, for the Summer School in Kartvelian Studies in the main is financed by this Charity Fund. The Number of participants is limited (about 10 persons). Please let us know about your wishes at your earliest convenience, and wait for the Application Form we shall send you. And a decision will be taken on the basis of the Application Form data of the applicant by the Fund for Kartvelian Studies.  
    Address:  Tbilisi State University (TSU), Fund for Kartvelian Studies. 13, Chavchavadze Ave., 0179 Tbilisi, Georgia
    Tel.: +995(32) 229 08 33;   Fax: +995(32) 225 25 01
    P.S. In the assessment of a participant of the Kartvelological Summer School: “I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending the Summer School experience to anyone.  It is a tough, rigorous, yet fun and enjoyable course – very well designed and structured for maximum effectiveness, and is suitable for both beginners and more advanced students.  As well as the wonderful teaching staff at the Centre for Kartvelian Studies, with whom you come into contact on a daily basis, the Summer School allows you to meet very interesting, friendly people, all with their own reasons for learning Georgian and for coming to Georgia; I very much hope that we shall remain in contact for years to come.” (Russell Travenen Jones, Great Britain, 2009)
    “I was so happy to be able to return to the International Summer School for Kartvelian Studies for a second time.  My first time through the program, I was a beginner and this time I was more of an advanced student.  It’s always wonderful to visit Georgia and to see again the teachers and professors who were so patient, kind and helpful to me was really delightful.  I’m even more prepared now to continue my studies of Georgia and its language, culture and history.  One of my favourite aspects of the summer school was meeting and learning from some of Georgia’s most notable and internationally respected academics and scholars. I made some great friends at the summer school and I look forward to visiting again.  It was also really great to be interviewed about our experiences and to be on the evening news! “ (Thomas Dunning, Ireland, 2011)
    “I am very happy to participate in this summer school. As a teacher for German in Georgia, it was my great desire to improve my Georgian. This summer school is an "all-inclusive package of Georgia." In the morning intensive language course, in the afternoon lectures on various topics (politics, language, history, art, film, culture) and during the weekends excursions in all regions of Georgia. The accommodation in a host family was better than any hotel. But the best of the summer school are the people. The teachers are always motivated and humorous. The lessons are conveyed with great fun and we learned a lot and the organizing team was always very helpful, thank you for everything!” (Stefan Johann Schatz, Germany, 2012)